"Organs masks. The organ itself is as important as the man’s body. So much structure as himself. It is an appendix whereby he starts connecting with his own body parts."
Lygia Clark



Instituition "The World of Lygia Clark"



The Cultural Association "The World of Lygia Clark" is a nonprofit organization that seeks to disseminate the life and work of Lygia Clark in Brazil and the world, promoting and organizing with partners events, publications and exhibitions on the artist. In addition, developed a pioneering and revolutionary process of certification of works of the artist, which, in almost its entirety, are parts not signed and manufactured. Its performance valued the work of Lygia Clark by inhibiting actions of forgery and ensures the purchase and sale of authentic pieces

The Association was founded in May 2001 to establish a register of works and all materials related to the trajectory of the Artist. The Association's mission is to disseminate information on Lygia Clark through texts, photos or any other media that emerge derived from its creation as well as search and certify the authenticity of the works of the artist. In Cultural Association have currently a collection of 6000 images and 15,000 pages of documents. This collection works, above all, as a dynamic file that is updated as new documents are searched or created by the field of art criticism or academics. With letters and personal documents in Portuguese, English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Japanese, the collection focuses the idea of a broader study on the artistic activity of Lygia, making the Cultural Association "The World of Lygia Clark" reference for the study of contemporary Brazilian art available to researchers in Brazil and the world.

The role of this organization is to be the main player of Lygia’s ideas, to spread out the essence of her proposals and to renew their effectiveness as life stimulation, as the Artist herself would like her work experienced.


Since its inception in 2001, the certification of works by Lygia Clark is a necessary activity for the registration, research and dissemination of the work of the artist. Moreover, it is a guarantee of security and certainty, no doubt about the origin and authenticity of the work for collectors.

The Cultural Association "The World of Lygia Clark" offers free certification of works. The process is done with the evaluation of documents submitted by the owner about the origin, history of buying the work, technical reports, data from the work and the owner.

The analysis of the certification process is based on the documents of property of the works, written by the Artist herself. If the work is not identified in these lists, the owner is asked to send the work to a qualified professional who will make accurate chemical tests and the identification of old materials.
Currently, the Association has about 560 works certified, making your database a security instrument for the realization of exhibitions.

The Association has the support of all collectors of works by Lygia Clark to identify, certify and disseminate the work of one of the most important artists of Art History. Lygia Clark is a Brazilian cultural patrimony, and we ask your cooperation to continue to contribute to the preservation and appreciation of Brazilian art.

Contact us by e-mail certificacao@lygiaclark.org.br


Lygia creates new concepts, such as "Organic Line," promotes interactivity with the audience and gradually moves away from traditional media of art. This concept of participation was what the artist more deepened throughout her artistic career, becoming one of its most striking features, on which the scenario of national and international art shows more interest.

Keeping alive the memory of Lygia Clark as well as spread her work is the priority in the Association since founding. The organization participated in dozens of exhibitions in Brazil and abroad. Among them are:

The Art of Participation, SF-MoMa, San Francisco (2008); Peripheral vision and Collective Body, Museum, Bolzano (2008); Krobo/Clark, Lodz Muzeum, Poland (2008); WACK! Art and the Feminist Revolution, MOCA, Los Angeles (2007), Washington (2008), Vancouver (2008); Tropicália: a revolution in Brazilian Culture, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago (2005); Barbican, London (2006) and Bronx Museum of the Art, New York (2006/07), MAM-Rio, Brazil (2008); Lygia Clark, da obra ao acontecimento: somos o molde, a você cabe o sopro..., Musée des Beaux-Arts, Nantes (2005) and Pinacoteca of São Paulo, Brazil (2006); Pulse: Art, Healing and Transformation, ICA, Boston, (2003); Brazil: Body and Soul, New York, Guggenheim Museum (2001); 7th International Istanbul Biennial – Special room, Istanbul (2001). Pensamento Mudo, Dan Galeria, (2004). 50 Jahre/Years DOCUMENTA: 1955-2005, Kunsthalle Fridericiaum Kassel (2005). Artists' Favourites, ICA - London, (2004). Soto: a construção da imaterialidade, CCBB - Rio and Brasília, Instituto Tomie Othake (2005).

For more information contact via e-mail exposicoes@lygiaclark.org.br


Several texts about Lygia Clark are made, either an analysis of a phase, or a deep investigation on her trajectory. Therefore, all research material is important to spread the memory of Lygia Clark.

For maintaining the research and preservation work, as well as the administrative operations of the Cultural Association, fees are charged for the use of image rights, to institutions that seek association with the interest in disclosing the artist's work, through projects with commercial purposes.

All publishers and museums seeking the Association for use of image rights of Lygia Clark, are invited to provide copies of these books to our library. Thus, we can better meet the researchers who come to us. We select a few publications that were supported by the Cultural Association for his edition: Elles centrepompidou, Juan Vicente Aliaga (2009). Woman Artists, MoMA (2009). The Body in Contemporary Art, Thames&Rudson (2009). Understanding Art, Nelson Education (2008). PRATES, Valkyria, SANT'ANA, Renata. Lygia Clark: lines alive. São Paulo: Paulinas, 2006. FERREIRA, Gloria; COTRIM, Cecilia (org.). Writings of artists: 60/70 years. Rio de Janeiro: Jorge Zahar, 2006. Farina, Cynthia. Art, cuerpo y subjetividad: estetica de la formación y pedagogia de las afecciones. Thesis. University of Barcelona, 2005. GUIGON, Emmanuel, Pierre, Arnauld. L `oeil moteur: art optique et cinétique, 1950-1975. Strasbourg: Musée d 'Art moderne et contemporain, 2005. DE SALVO, Donna. Open Systems: Rethinking Art c.1970. London: Tate, 2005. HOFFMANN, Jens, Jonas, Joan. Perform. London: Thames & Hudson, 2005. BRETT, Guy.Carnival of perception: selected writings on art. London: InIVA, 2004. 100 Brazilians. Edited by the Department of Communication of the Federal Government, 2004. Ramirez, Mari Carmen; OLEA, Hector. Inverted Utopias: Avant-garde art in Latin America. Houston: Museum of Fine Arts, 2004. BOIS, Yve-Alain; KRAUSS, Rosalind et al. Art since 1900: modernism, postmodernism and antimodernism. London: Thames and Hudson, 2004. SUZUKI, Katsuo. Brazil: Body Nostalgia. Tokyo: The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, 2004. GROSENICK, Uta. Women artists, arttistas Mujeres de los siglos XX y XXI. Colonia: Taschen, 2001.

In addition to these titles, many others are published in collaboration with the Cultural Association "The World of Lygia Clark".
For more information about using the image of the work of Lygia Clark, contact: publicacoes@lygiaclark.org.br


"I think my walking is wonderful, because now I do not know what came before, whether it's art in the form of propositions or life that suddenly collapses within me by bringing this state of sensibility!" Lygia Clark, 22.1.1970

An artistic career closely linked to the concept of art and life could not be condensed into a style or an archaic concept, the work of Lygia Clark reverberates many issues and proposals for life, transposing "mannerisms casts" of Art, and shows disturbing in itself.

In order to propagate this open field trials, the Cultural Association "The World of Lygia Clark" develops a series of projects that combine the dissemination of the work with the need to expose the ideas of this "non-artist" who crossed the borders of art, asking questions vital to the history of international artistic field.

Project Book "The World of Lygia Clark"

In 2004, was launched the first publishing project of the Association: the book "The World of Lygia Clark" which sets out, with text and images taken from the homonymous movie, directed by Edward Clark in 1973, the propositions and concepts of the artist. Divided into fifteen chapters (each chapter is represented by one of the works presented in the film) "The World of Lygia Clark" presents the ideas of the artist, dealing with the notion of boundary between art and therapy. They illustrated the works of the artist, that make up the phase of the Nostalgia of the Body, such as: "Elastic Net, 1974” "Water and Shells, 1966," "Anthropophagic Slobber, 1973" and "Voyage, 1973”. The production of a mini-CD that accompanies the book with an edition of five minutes of the film offers a rare opportunity to the reader not attended to learn about the universe of Lygia Clark. The book is bilingual (English / Portuguese) and contains the full transcript of the dialogue of Lygia Clark featured in the movie. The graphic design of the book is by Alessandra Clark and the preface texts are by Guy Brett and Philip Scovino.

Project Lygia Clark Online

Creation of a portal on the Artist in which the Internet user, in a democratic and free of charges, will find all the information about her life and work. The portal will have a constant update on content, as new articles, images or information are added to the database of the Association.

The site consists of transcripts of the artist's manuscripts, including unpublished, collection of images, where the Internet users “navigate” through the sculptures, paintings and personal photos of Lygia; virtual exhibition (with the major works of each phase of the artist, arranged in order chronological), and video collection. There will also be a Discussion Forum, where site visitors can exchange information on the work of Lygia Clark with critics, researchers and other important names of Brazilian contemporary art, who will be invited each month by the Cultural Association.

The initial design of the site is to be made available in Portuguese and English. By the importance of the work on the world stage, we are confident that after the portal to be launched bilingual, able to sponsorship if the case in other languages (Spanish, French, Japanese, etc.).

Project Lygia Clark Schools

The art is a necessity of human beings. Literate, to enable a critical reading of the world through dialogue it establishes with the individual. The art works with the essence of being human, in which the sensitive, the perceptive and the reflective interact allowing the expression of feelings, ideas and information.

In order to develop strategies for communicative interaction between the individual and the art of Lygia Clark, the project, Lygia Clark in Schools is an initiative of the Cultural Association "The World of Lygia Clark" for the private and public schools in the country.

Based on perception, revealing levels of meaning in the experience with the object and artistic creation, the project seeks to spread the work of the artist with children and young people in school age, increasing the importance of art in the process of human development.

Social responsibility is a matter of utmost importance today between the commitments of the companies, who have been made aware of their role in the implementation of citizenship in a nation. From there the project Lygia Clark in Schools, develops, as an agent of the process of social responsibility within the Brazilian system of education.

For more information contact via e-mail projetos@lygiaclark.org.br


Many are the anxieties caused by the work of Lygia, not only plastic works that constitute its history - many are the studies, both literary and plastics, and many are the reverberations of her work, such as exhibitions and thesis are produced in several points of the world.

The Research sector of the Cultural Association aims to catalog the complete works of artist and establish a register of such works and all materials related to them. The collections, consisting of images and texts are organized to facilitate the study of Lygia Clark.

Organized in a database that is not yet available online, the Research is open to interested parties by scheduling by e-mail (pesquisa@lygiaclark.org.br) Cultural Association.


The most recent retrospective of Lygia's work was performed in conjunction with the Fundació Antoni Tàpies, in Barcelona. A large exhibition was inaugurated in 1997 at the Foundation itself. Then went to the Museum of Marseille (1998), Oporto Museum (1998) and Société des Expositions du Palais des Beaux-Arts, Brussels (1998).

The show season ended the Imperial Palace in Rio de Janeiro, between December 1998 and February 1999, gathering more than 30 thousand people, a number considered a record. The partnership also generated a catalog of about 500 pages in four languages with a circulation of 9 thousand copies. Currently this publication is over.

Since it was founded, the Cultural Association participated and contributed in more than 70 exhibitions in Brazil and the world: Musée du Calais (Calais, France), The Museum of Modern Art Oxford (England), Solomon Guggenheim Museum (NY), Ludwig Museum (Colony), Akademie der Künste (Berlin), The Henry Moore Institute (Leeds, England), Museo de Arte Latioamericano de Buenos Aires, Museum of Modern Art (Tokyo), Musée d'art moderne et contemporaine (Geneva), Fundació Joan Miró (Barcelona), MOMA (NY), Parque Ferial Juan Carlos I (Madrid), Tate Modern (London), Pinacoteca of São Paulo, Instituto Itaú Cultural, Musée des Beaux-Arts de Nantes e Museum für Völkerkunde Hamburg (German),Hiroshima Museum of Contemporary Art, Museum of Fine Arts Houston (USA), MCA Chicago (USA), Barbican Center (London), ICA-London (England), NMWA – Washington (USA), PS1 NY (USA), Lodz Muzeum (Poland), Instituto Oi Futuro (Rio de Janeiro), SF MoMA San Francisco (USA), MOT Tokyo (Japan), Museion (Bolzano - Italy), Centre Pompidou (France), Zacheta National Museum of Poland, among other partners.

Exhibitions of Lygia Clark have already been implemented in 29 countries and 114 different cities, without counting those organized from personal collections that are not reported to the Association. The work of Lygia had a special room at the Museum of Modern Art in Rio from 1999 to 2001. This period, 30% of the public who attended the MAM had as main objective to see the work of the artist.

A solo exhibition of Lygia Clark, held at the Pinacoteca do Estado de Sao Paulo between January and March 2006, received a total audience of 47,570 visitors, of whom 2807 were students, coming from 44 schools.

Among the institutions that have in their collections works certified by the Cultural Association are: 21st Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa (Japan), Autin Desdemond Fine Art (England), Ella Fontanals Cisneros Collection (USA), Marie-Josée Kravis - Stonecroft Associates LLC (USA), MoMa Museum of Modern Art (USA), Tate Modern (London), Fundacion Cisneros (Venezuela), Centre Pompidou (France), Venice Biennale, Coopel Collection (Mexico), Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia (USA), Walker Art Center (USA) and MMA São Paulo (Brazil).