"Now it is the body itself, because they are huge and seem like trunks or large craws. It is the old problem of abysmal…"
Lygia Clark

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Instituto Casa Letter


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Auckland Letter

Dear Alvaro Edwards Clark

I Want to express how pleasead the Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tãmaki has been to work with the cultural association “The Word of Lygia Clark “ as part of our exhibition Space to Dream: Recent Art from South America.
We appreciated being able to borrow the bichos(1960-73, 2016), sensorial masks ( 1967 , 2016 ) and The I and the You ( 1967 , 2016 ) that are exhibition copies of Lygia Clarck’s original Works, and to work with representatives of the clark Artistics Productions when they came to Auckland. The importance of these Works for art history cannot be under estimated. It is the fisrt time they have been shown in New Zealand and audiences have angaged with these significant items.

The Association was profissional at all times and we wish you all the very best for future.

Yours sincerely

Rhana Devenport

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Space to Dream: Recent Art from South America - Auckland Art Gallery, New Zealand

Space to Dream: Recent Art from South America
Sat 7 May 2016 — Sun 18 September 2016

Space to Dream is the first major exhibition in Auckland to introduce, in depth, the art of South America.
The exhibition reveals how South American artists see a social significance for their work and how as rebels and revolutionaries, dreamers and poets, they have challenged, embraced, explained or transformed their realities, lives, cultures and spaces from the 1960s to today.
Visit Space to Dream and experience the work of 41 artists, who include senior figures internationally recognised for their contribution to art as well as younger figures including Lygia Clark, Juan Fernando Herrán, Alfredo Jaar, Marcos Lopez, Ernesto Neto, Hélio Oiticia, Bernardo Oyarzun, Lotty Rosenfeld, Martín Sastre and many more.
Bringing together some of the most visually engaging painting, sculpture, photography, installation, film and performance from across six countries – Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia and Uruguay – Space to Dream includes major works and exciting ... Read More

Lygia Clark at 10th Bienal of Mercosul

Lygia Clark # 10 Mercosul Biennial

A 10th Bienal of Mercosul has an extremely meaningful participation of Lygia Clarks work (Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, 1920 - Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, 1988) in four of the seven exhibitions of this edition of the show.
And four works of the series of her "Bichos" of the 1960s, the Biennial 10 includes highly relevant works such as "Baba Antropofágica" (2012) and "Collective Head" (1975), both displayed at the exhibition "Antropofagia neo-baroque "at the Cultural Santander.
The flagship proposal / work "The Me and You" (1967), one of the most significant period was included in the Body Apparatus exhibition at the Gasometer Factory.
The "Bichos" "Pancubism, Version 01" (1961-1983) and "Bicho" (1960) are in Modernism exhibition at Parallax (Museum of Rio Grande do Sul Art) and even "Bicho" (1960) and "Caranguejo Duplo "(1960) in the exhibition Biography of Urban Life (Rio Grande do Sul Memorial) and Synthesis (Ling Institute), respectively. The Biography of Urban Life at Memorial, still har... Read More

Aniversário Lygia Clark 23/12/2015 Doodle on Google

Congratulations Lygia Clark, worldwide recognition! Doodle,  Lygia Clark on Google. 12.23.2015



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POSSIBLE BEAUTY is an extensive project that deals with architecture, art, social development politics, urbanism, citizenship and ecology and intends through an exhibition with works by invited architects, distinctive names of the national and international actuality architecture, show projects of construction of social housing, with compatible cost and the autoconstruction processes practiced here and the national specificities of financing the housing programs in order to establish high quality alternatives contructions for the population and to promote a dialogue with the culture and peoples movements the country of access to housing.
Brazil currently has one of the largest, if not the greatest, the worlds housing program for the poor people called Minha Casa Minha Vida. However, the quality of architecture and urban planning of these impacting residential groupings is, in general, insufficient and primarily follows economic interests, which further aggravates urban deformations resulting from our historical process of development.
This project seeks, in an innovative wa... Read More

Lygia Clark: Fantastic Architecture installed at Perry Green

Brazilian artist Lygia Clark (1920-88) radically innovated the relationship between the art object and the audience. As a co-founder of the Neo-Concretist movement she worked with the theory that art should be both subjective and organic and that art should be shaped and manipulated by the spectator.

Her bichos (meaning animal or creature) series, from early 1960s springs from those Neo-Concretist principles and her investigation of "the plane" in art. Each bicho is formed of a series of shaped plates joined by hinges. Laid flat they form a plane but when manipulated by an audience member they take on changeable organic forms, the hinge recollecting an animals spine.

Fantastic Architecture is a large scale remodelling of a bicho which Clark originally made in 1963. The small handling model reimagined on an architectural scale - impossible in her own lifetime but finally realised in 2013. The huge hinged plates join together to echo the organic forms of the landscape surrounding the piece. In this form a spectator, rather than holding and manipulating the piece a... Read More

On the Edge: Brazilian Film Experiments of the 1960s and Early 1970s

On October 15, 1968, on the eve of his voluntary exile from Brazil, artist Hélio Oiticica wrote to fellow artist Lygia Clark in Paris to “recount a group of events and experiences here that have greatly transformed me during these past months.” These transformational occurrences included Oiticica’s participation as an actor in Glauber Rocha’s experimental feature Cancer, the photographing of Caetano Veloso attired in one of Oiticica’s Parangolé capes on the rocks of Rio de Janeiro’s Arpoador beach, the police raid on the concert where Veloso sang the counterculture anthem “É Proibido Proibir” (It’s forbidden to forbid) beneath Oiticica’s banner stating “Seja marginal, seja herói” (Be an outlaw, be a hero), and the collective exhibition Apocalipopótese in Rio’s Aterro do Flamengo park.

1968 was a watershed year for Brazil, when the military dictatorship of 1964–85 entered its most repressive phase and the fecund leftist culture of the 1960s was extinguished. In the face of that year’s dramatic intensification of cultural censorship and the forced and voluntary exiles ... Read More

Retrospective Lygia Clark - Special Exhibitions Audio: Lygia Clark: The Abandonment of Art, 1948–1988

Informative audio Clark Retrospective at MoMA - NY - introduction by Glenn D. Lowry, director of the museum and the curators of the Retrospective at MoMA - Connie Butler and Luis Perez-Oramas.
MoMA Multimedia

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I went to MoMA and... Lygia Cark at MoMA

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Lygia Clark: The Abandonment of Art, 1948–1988 May 10–August 24, 2014 The Joan and Preston Robert Tisch Exhibition Gallery, sixth floor

The Museum of Modern Art presents a major retrospective devoted to the art of Lygia Clark (Brazilian, 1920–1988), the first comprehensive exhibition in North America of her work. Lygia Clark: The Abandonment of Art, 1948–1988 comprises nearly 300 works made between the late 1940s and her death in 1988. Drawn from public and private collections, including MoMA’s own, this survey is organized around three key themes: abstraction, Neo-Concretism, and the “abandonment” of art. Each of these axes anchors a significant concept or a constellation of works that mark a definitive step in Clark’s career. While Clark’s legacy in Brazil is profound, this exhibition draws international attention to her work. By bringing together all parts of her radical production, the exhibition seeks to reintroduce her into current discourses of abstraction, participation, and a therapeutic art practice.

Lygia Clark (1920–1988) trained in Rio de Janeiro and Paris from late 1940s to mid-1950s and was a leading abstract artist at the forefront of the Neo-Concretist movement in Brazil, fostering the act... Read More

Affective correspondences between Lygia Clark and Helio Oiticica in theatrical interpretation

The Municipal Arts Centre Hélio Oiticica presents the show "Cosmocartas - Helio and Lygia", on December 6 to February 8 poster, with free entry.

The play takes to the theater the thought of Lygia Clark and Hélio Oiticica, an immersion in the universe of two of the greatest icons of visual art in Brazil.

The show is inspired by the book "Lygia Clark / Helio Oiticica: Letters 1964-1974" and won dramaturgical treatment signed by Álamo Facó own Peter Kosovski. The performances take place within a collective art installation Opavivará occupying three rooms.

Cristina Flores e Álamo Facó: (Foto: João Penoni)

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UMA® / LYGIA CLARK Spring / Summer 13/14 collection

The whole process happened in contact with the work of Lygia Clark , her willingness to approach the spectator and the intention to create a bond with the life led me to research her history " timeless " and innovative . I believe that this concept was the big thread that made ​​me find Lygia a great source of inspiration . As Clark said : If the person , after making this series of things that I give , if she can live more freely , using the body in a more sensual, express yourself better , love better , eat better , that for me matters much more as a result of the thing itself I propose to you . See The World of Lygia Clark , 1973 film directed by Edward Clark , PLUG Productions

Currently she is recognized worldwide , her work will be at the 55th Venice Biennale , among other exhibitions and galleries around the world . Will be on the catwalk with a replica of " The House is the Body ," an installation created in 1968 , the stage where Clark starts to engage in sensory exploration . This work allows the passage of the people inside , so that they have the f... Read More

"Walking Lygia Clark, in search of his own path"

"Travelling exhibition with works by Lygia Clark traverse Portuguese cities

Between May and June 2013, an exhibition mounted on a box truck, fully adapted for this purpose, isl covering part of Portuguese territory, carrying replicas of works by Lygia Clark, one of the most important Brazilian artists.
The exhibition entitled "Walking Lygia Clark, in search of his own path", which is part of the official program of the Year of Brazil in Portugal and Portugal in Brazil, promises even transcend the limits of that truck and spread its surroundings. The truck will be exposed sensory objects and relational, and outside, spread by their surroundings, they will be the works of major proportions, and a screen for viewing videos on the artist.
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Lygia Clarks FANTASTIC ARCHITECTURE at Art Basel 2013 - Monumental Scale.

Lygia Clark’s internationally renowned career followed a fascinating, radical trajectory: from abstract geometric collages of card, through participatory sculptures to immersive, experiential works, from the 1950s to the 80s. During the early 60s in Brazil, Clark created an archetypal series of Bichos (Creatures), hinged aluminum structures that she encouraged others to manipulate into myriad configurations. In 1963, she made a very particular group of Bicho maquettes called Fantastic Architecture – each conceived to be realized on a monumental scale with the intention of collaborating with structural engineers and fabricators. Production costs proved prohibitively high at the time, but Clark’s strong desire for these architectural constructions to materialize was clear in the structural properties of the maquettes themselves, which are further evidenced in her photographs and writings, all of which remain in her archive. Alison Jacques Gallery has collaborated with the Clark Family and The World of Lygia Clark Cultural Association to actualize the first of these huge scu... Read More

Lygia Clark in the Brazilian Pavilion at the 55th Venice Biennale Inside / Outside

Lygia Clark in the Brazilian Pavilion at the 55th Venice Biennale
Inside / Outside

Brazilian Pavilion

1 June to 24 November 2013

Obra-Mole (1964) by Brazilian artist Lygia Clark, Concave / Convex (1947) by Italian artist Bruno Munari and Tripartite Unity (1948 -49) of the Swiss, Max Bill were displayed within the Brazil Pavilion at the 55th Venice Biennale this year .

"We (the curatorial team) believe that artists should be chosen so that they provide a contribution to the understanding of contemporary Brazilian art," said curator Luis Pérez-Oramas, implying that, in his view, the works of Fervenza and Mlászho, juxtaposed with Bill Clark, and Munari will help to enhance the artistic richness of Brazil. The curator joined the work of these contemporary artists of the past who responded to MöbiusStrip, a geometric shape with only one surface, and it is viewed as a form of twisted ribbon.

The Inside / Outside therefore collide to support art and contemporary thought, time and again embodying one of the strongest modern Br... Read More

ygia Clark, in search of her own path - Évora, Portugal

Traveling exhibition with works (educational replicas) of Lygia Clark traveling Portuguese cities, arrived in Evora.
Evora was integrated into the province of Lusitania and benefited from a series of urban transformations, of which the Roman Temple of Évora - probably dedicated to the imperial cult - is the most important trace who survived to our days, and the ruins of the public baths.
We began assembling our exposure Walking to another stage in Évora, who welcomes us with this beautiful space.

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Lygia Clark, in search of her own path

Due to the forecast of bad weather with lots of rain this weekend, the exhibition was transferred to Coimbra in the days 04, 05 and 06 June 2013, at the same place and same time.


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Lygia Clark - Walking in search of her own path. Serralves Foundation - Porto

Serralves Foundation

 This morning we had record attendance, 200 people walking through the exhibition at Serralves.

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Lygia Clark, in search of her own path - Santarém , Portugal

Lygia Clark
Jardim da Liberdade in Santarém, Portugal

Lygia Clark - 1963

"What I would do is the following: take the Bichos to Portugal and from there go to where I can reach, exhibits in public squares. Anas thesis that the public (people) is underestimated in its real receptivity to the art is valid and evidently felt for me too.

It would be a way to prove that this is an art "truly participant" in the highest sense. Would make photographs of each site would take several exhibitions and walking them to participate in search of his own path. Buy a trailer that would be called "Walking" and make a sort of tour of gypsies. How I love "would be the greatest adventure of my life. I have to organize it. To this I would have to take someone who speaks several languages​​, he had physical strength and could help me drive the car.

My initial plans for the Bichos not included nor Museums "Marchants". What I wanted was to make lots of them put up for sale on street corners by camels. Mario Pedrosa said to be a suicide but well Im so... Read More

"Walking Lygia Clark, in search of his own path"

"Travelling exhibition with works by Lygia Clark traverse Portuguese cities

Between May and June 2013, an exhibition mounted on a box truck, fully adapted for this purpose, will cover part of Portuguese territory, carrying replicas of works by Lygia Clark, one of the most important Brazilian artists.
The exhibition entitled "Walking Lygia Clark, in search of his own path", which is part of the official program of the Year of Brazil in Portugal and Portugal in Brazil, promises even transcend the limits of that truck and spread its surroundings. The truck will be exposed sensory objects and relational, and outside, spread by their surroundings, they will be the works of major proportions, and a screen for viewing videos on the artist.
The work of Lygia Clark, which is based on perception, revealing layers of meaning and experience with the object, will feature displays, properly trained and qualified to accompany visitors during the course of the exhibition, in order to guide them the manipulation of objects and facilitate such communicative interaction between the... Read More

Work of Lygia Clark is subject of lecture at the Museum of Pampulha

Professor Philip Scovino, School of Fine Arts at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), ministers on wednesday, april 10, at 10am, at the Art Museum of Pampulha, the lecture Lygia Clark, in which will address concepts of the artist, born in Belo Horizonte, since her first experiments in the 1950s until its work involving the body as an object of memory and perception of the world. He will also discuss the artistic aspects, theoretical and conceptual who became media dialogue with the work of Clark.

The activity is organized by Lygia Clark project Portal, which aims to disseminate the work and thought of the artist, with support from the Museum and the UFMG Pampulha, located at Avenida Otacílio Negrão de Lima, 16585.

Professor Scovino is a specialist in the work of Lygia Clark. His dissertation, defended in 2003, the series focuses on Bichos, authored by artist. This is a set of articulated metal sculptures that encourages the participation of the observer, which made ​​Clark one of the pionee... Read More

SPFW Summer 2014: Lygia Clark inspires Rachel Davidowicz for the new collection of UMA

reproduction of the report:
By Camila Novaes in collaboration for the FFW

Raquel Davidowicz took with her summer collection 2013/14 to UMA, the work of Lygia Clark to the catwalks of the SPFW. In the scenario, part of the installation "The House is the Body", while replicas of sculptures from the series "Bichos" adorned the models heads. Rachel told FFW always admired that very work of Lygia neoconcretist and aesthetics, and has a creative approach to contemporary art. When visiting a retrospective on the artists work, (exposed last year at Itaú Cultural) Raquel had the idea to make the collection came into contact with the Cultural Association "The World of Lygia Clark" (http://www.lygiaclark . org.br) and, after a thorough analysis, the partnership took place on the grounds of mutual interest.
The idea of replicas of itself belongs to Lygia Clark, who would like the sculptures from the series "Bicho" were reproduced and sold at affordable price. The Association put the plan into action and performed the pieces so that all the money raised from the sale is inten... Read More

Lygia Clark in Communities (social project)

Project developed by the partnership of the Cultural Association "The World of Lygia Clark" and The Clark Art Center.

Social project that will take free art classes for five poor communities of Rio de Janeiro during 2013, benefiting 500 children.

Monday we kickoff!

Our first stop is the Vila Cruzeiro, in the Human Development Center Social Attitude. Art workshops will be 4 per day with an hour and a half. Each class will have an average of 25 children. Total: 100 children! Until the day 01.25.2013, Friday, 30 hours of classes have been taught. And many works of art have been created.
In the intervals of the art workshops, throughout the week, children will gain lunches.
Mondays theme is the world of creation of Lygia Clark. Why is she considered a great artist? What is art? Everyone can be an artist?
Classes on Monday and panels includes reproductions of some famous paintings of Lygia, as "Modulated Surfaces" and "Discovery of Organic Line".
Will be used replicas of works by Lygia, for children to have direct contact with, and in... Read More

"Livro -Obra" Free Application for Ipad

This app, conceptualized by the Associação Cultural "O Mundo de Lygia Clark" in partnership with Itau Cultural, and 32Bits Criações Digitais, recreates Lygia Clark’s “Livro-Obra”, published in 1983, through a rich interface that reinterprets its manipulable structures, textures and finishings.

The “Livro-Obra” follows the artist’s trajectory since its first creations to the final neoconcrete phase. It is an elaboration on cut-through, moveable, foldable and twisted planes that depends on a counterpart: the reader and the required interaction with the work.

Link AppStore :

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Virtual Museum Lygia Clark

The exhibition Lygia Clark: A Retrospective - now showing at Itaú Cultural in São Paulo, from September 1 to November 11 - provides an overview of the production of the artist, ranging from research on the limits of painting and sculpture to research the body. On the show, you know the artists unpublished works, assembled from documents left from her, and enters in her creative process. In addition, you can interact and experience forms, with the Bichos, or experience the art and be part of it, with the Propositions. The event also included two debates and cultural products: this Virtual Museum and the Livro - Obra for iPad app (available in the Apple Store) that recreates the experience of the original work of the same name.

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From the next September 1st, the Itaú Cultural receives a show that will present a comprehensive overview of Lygia Clark’s production (the brazilian artist considered the most important today abroad), curated by Felipe Scovino and Paulo Sérgio Duarte. The exhibition will bring together more than one hundred works, including geometric and constructive paintings of early career and passing through the stage of the sensory works of the artist. The public will also have the chance to see some new works (which was not even being produced by Clark) and to attend to seminars.
The programming’s symposium will have two major themes - "Beyond the playful" (September, 5th) and "The place of invention" (September, 6th) - which will be discussed by researchers of visual arts who knew the artist or have a significant study on her work. During these two days of meetings, new researches on the different phases of Lygias’s work will be presented for public debate, including her approach to the film and her “borderline” experiences that approached arts and psychotherapy.

For more infor... Read More

The Sensory Art of Lygia Clark During The ArtRio Fair

Between 13th and 16th of September, the Cultural Association "The World of Lygia Clark" organizes the exhibition "No place for me in the world of normal" – The Sensory Art of Lygia Clark in partnership with the gallery CLARK ART CENTER in the seat of both institutions, in Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro. The show will last four days and will be part of the schedule of side events at the ArtRio - International Fair of Contemporary Art in Rio de Janeiro, which takes place during the same period, in Pier Maua, and expects to receive an estimated 60,000 visitors from all over the world.
The initial idea for this exhibition came from one of the texts written by the artist during the period she lived in Paris (in the late 60s), where Clark talks about the newly acquired habit of collecting plastic bags and stones in the streets to build propositions that would take part of her work named "Nostalgia of the Body."
From this point, the audience can see and experience several interactive works that have in common the use of plastic as raw material. Among them: "Draw with Finger", "Water an... Read More


Alison Jacques Gallery and The World of Lygia Clark are delighted to co-host a series of Lygia Clark sensorial experiences during Pinta, London 2012. These events are scheduled to take place on our booth, A-11, at the following times throughout the fair:

Canibalismo, (Cannibalism), 1973
Thursday 7th June (Preview) - 4:30pm and 7pm
Sunday 10th June - 12pm and 4pm

Baba Antropofagica, (Cannibalistic slobber), 1973
Friday 8th June - 12pm, 3:30pm and 6pm

Corpo Coletivo, (The Collective body), 1986
Saturday 9th June - 11:30am, 3:30pm and 6:30pm

To mark this occasion, The World of Lygia Clark have created a limited-edition acrylic Bicho which will be available to purchase at our booth. The funds raised from the sale of these replicas will go towards an initiative which aims to develop the relationship between art, culture and education, with a focus on children living in disadvantaged communities in Rio de Janeiro, as well as young people with special needs, including visual and hearing disabilities.

For more i... Read More

Visit of the students of the School of Communication UFRJ led by the Professor Beatriz Morgado

On April 25th the Cultural Association "The World of Lygia Clark" received the visit of the first class period ECO UFRJ, discipline Communication and Arts, led by Professor Beatriz Morgado.
Professor Beatriz Morgado declared the Cultural Association "The World of Lygia Clark"

"The discipline Communication and Arts, given to students in 1st period of the graduation course in Social Communication at the Federal University seeks to sensitize students to the Brazilian Contemporary Art, presenting to them our core artists like Lygia Clark. The opportunity to put class into direct contact with the artists work will certainly mark a positive and productive their relationship with the artist and the art field in general. The students, organized in groups, will be invited to share this experience in a class blog, with reports of the visit.
follows the link, work elaborated by students. Congratulations!

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Sergio Delgado, Harvard University, "The Writing Artist: On Lygia Clark and the Discourse of Immanence”


Hispanic Culture
The seminar hosts presentations and discussions on literary and other expressions of the diverse communities, past and present, that make up the Hispanic world, with an emphasis on interdisciplinary, international and cross-cultural approaches.

Upcoming Events
Sergio Delgado, Harvard University
"The Writing Artist: On Lygia Clark and the Discourse of Immanence”

Tuesday, September 27, 2011 - 6:00pm
Room 133, Barker Center

Sergio Delgado is an Assistant Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures at Harvard University.

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Canibalism - Proposal of Lygia Clark at Clark Art Center

 As you know, at the Clark Art Center is allowed to dare ... and experience! So, get ready: Were kicking off the event scheduling of our area with many surprises. The next day June 4 (Saturday), it happens the first edition of the series of meetings dedicated to experiences, propositions and readings of unpublished texts by Lygia Clark, with the experience of the work "Cannibalism" proposition created by the artist in 1973 during the period in which she taught at the Sorbonne, France. In the experience, a participant wearing a jumpsuit covered with fabric and opened in the belly, lies Finally, an opportunity unmissable!

To effectively participate in Canibalism, you must make a prior appointment through the website http://www.clarkartcenter.com.br/ because we are closing the group with a maximum of 30 people. But the rest of the public is very welcome to attend, after the experience of the work will read text and chat with artists and curators intimate of this phase of the work of Lygia Clark. We promise: will be really cool!

Note: Lygia events occur once a ... Read More


Clark Art Center Opens Friday 29th April
Rua Teresa Guimarães 35, Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The inauguration of the Clark Art Center not only celebrates access to Lygia Clarks archives to the public for the first time, but also the opening of a tailor-made, three-storey building dedicated to a fluid programme of contemporary art and dynamic design events and monthly reenactments of Clarks proposals, including those that have hitherto not been realised.
The Clark Art Center aims to build on Lygias legacy, operating as an energetic, accessible laboratory of arts, design and inter-sensory collaboration and experimentation in Rios Botafogo district.

For more information about the Clark Art Center and its forthcoming events visit www.clarkartcenter.com.br

Alison Jacques Gallery will also present a solo exhibition of Lygia Clark at Art 42 Basel, 15 - 19 June 2011.

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Lygia Clark at Bienal SP in 2012

Luis Perez-Oramas, curator of Bienal SP 2012, announces:


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Luis Perez-Oramas: Lygia Clark—A Laboratory for the End of Art

Luis Perez-Oramas: Lygia Clark — A Laboratory for the End of Art

@ The Art Institute of Chicago
Fullerton Hall @ 111 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60603

Talk: 19 November 2010, 6:00pm—7:00pm

Luis Perez-Oramas, Museum of Modern Art, examines how Brazilian artist
Lygia Clark challenges the conventions of art and transformed the legacy of


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Lygia Clark Exhibitions at London

Alison Gallery

The great Brazilian artist Lygia Clark turned the gallery into a touchy-freely place, where people could get physical with her work and each other. This show-amazingly her first in the UK since the 1960’s – largely traces Clark’s career development, from concretes works on paper to geometrically abstract collage and finally her famous interactive sculptures. Included here are prototypes from one of her best-known series, Bichos, or Animals, from 1960. Clark likened these hinged aluminum works to dorsal fins, although their folding planes also call to mind origami creatures. Like a paper game, they’re made to be handled and rearranged, inviting gallery-goers to get stuck in. ss
Skye Sherwin
11- sep 2010
The Guardian


Hayward Gallery

Lygia Clark’s belief in art as interaction was the basis of all her sculptural work. She explaine... Read More

ABL (Brazilian Academy of Letters) opens fire on new law

O Estado de S. Paulo, Caderno 2, 12/08/2010

Marcos Vilaça , president of the Brazilian Academy of Letters (ABL), sends a document contrary to modernize the copyright law.

The baling go to war. The president of the Brazilian Academy of Letters, Marcos Vilaça, distributed a memo yesterday in which the entity that he presides condemns the proposed revision of the Copyright Act, referred to public debate by the Ministry of Culture (Minc).

"The option to transfer their rights or not a creator should remain with the prerogative of the author, holder of its exclusive intellectual works," said the document sent by ABL to the Ministry of Culture MinC. "True to the primary purpose that guides them - the culture of language and national literature, stony clause of the statutes that govern it - our reflection lies specifically in the context of literary creation," said the ABL, which has 40 authors affiliated . " The "Casa de Machado de Assis" that any radical attempt to change this  relational picture is extremely complex and delicate."

The Ministry of Cult... Read More

Students from Escola Bandeirantes, in São Paulo, experience Lygia

Everything started when the teacher Gisele Ottoboni worked in MAM-SP on the occasion of the exhibition “Retrospective of Lygia Clark”. At the time, recalls Gisele, she participated in workshops with educators.

"I felt very encouraged by the work and history of this artist, especially for the work and video "Memory of the Body." “Since then I have been developing proposals for reflection on the production of this artist," says the teacher.

Gisele is Professor of Art at the Escola Bandeirantes since 2008. She was hired to create four courses, different content for each elementary grade II, 6th / 7th / 8th and 9th years.

On the site of the Escola Bandeirantes we can see the works done by the students of the 7th year of elementary school II, whose age is between 11 and 12 years. According to the teacher, the course of the classes of 7th year is called "Art and Brazilian Culture," in which she discusses the cultural and artistic production in Brazil, presenting the work and biography of Clark, among other artists, to work with students concepts such as conceptual a... Read More

Max Perlingeiro celebrates new site of Lygia Clark

The curator and publisher Max Perlingeiro, director of Pinakotheke, celebrated the launch of the new site of Lygia Clark.

"I wish the Cultural Association" The World of Lygia Clark " great success in launching its new website - an essential tool for researchers and others interested in the life and work of Lygia Clark," said Max Perlingeiro from Pinakotheke.

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Lygia Clark in Pinakotheke

The work of Lygia Clark was present at the Project "THE ART BETWEEN FRANCE AND BRAZIL", organized by the Cultural Pinakotheke in 2009 Year of France in Brazil and the 30th anniversary celebration of the institution. Between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, the exhibition attracted 8300 visitors from 18 to 23 august in a special room of the Hall of Arts at "Hebraica" in SP, and september 30 to december 12 at the headquarters of Pinakotheke, Rua Sao Clemente 300, Botafogo.

At the time, were published two books: the exhibition catalog (bilingual: French and Portuguese) with texts by the curator and editor Max Perlingeiro, critic and historian Valerio Claudio Teixeira and a brief biography of each artist with reference to the period spent in France. And a book of the same name, written by teacher Nereide Schilaro Santa Rosa, for the young public.


According to Max Perlingeiro the exhibition was thought, with no pretense of exhausting the subject, to show the trajectory of artists in France, its formation, the influence on their work, and the decisive contrib... Read More

Google Doodle Lygia Clark 2013

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MoMA Studio: Breathe with Me

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Lygia Clark: An invitation to trial

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MoMA Studio: Breathe with Me

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Arts Culture and Accessibility / Flavia Corpas

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MoMA Retrospective- Multimedia - Introduction . Lygia Clark

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Lygia Clark: The Abandonment of Art, 1948 - 1988

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Alessandra Clark - Conducting wire- Lygia Clark: uma retrospectiva (2012)

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COSMOCARTAS - Helio Oiticica & Lygia Clark

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Memorial Minas Gerais | Lygia Clark

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Webserie Lygia Clark, Walking - Episode 10 - Faro, Portugal

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Webserie Lygia Clark, Walking - Episode 9 - Cascais, Portugal

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Webserie Lygia Clark, Walking - Episode 8 - Lisbon, Portugal

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Webserie Lygia Clark, Walking - Episode 7 - Coimbra, Portugal

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Webserie about the exhibition "Lygia Clark, Walking in pursuit of her proper way."

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Webserie about the exhibition "Lygia Clark, Walking in pursuit of her own way."

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Webserie Lygia Clark, Walking - Episode 4 - Évora, Portugal

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Traveling exhibition and interactive works of artist Lygia Clark is touring the country

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Serralves Foundation - Lygia Clark - Walking in search of her own path

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Webserie Lygia Clark, Caminhando - Episode 2 - Obidos, Portugal

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Webserie Lygia Clark, Caminhando - Episódio 1 - Santarém, Portugal

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Elke France - Working Lygia Clark at the School Chico Science - Recife - Pernambuco

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Lygia Clark inspires Rachel Davidowicz for the new collection of UMA - film by FFW

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Alessandra Clark - Retrospective Lygia Clark - Associação Cultural "O Mundo de Lygia Clark" and Itau Cultural

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"Livro -Obra" Free Application for Ipad

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Bicho - Multiple Lygia Clark - Collection Foundation Vera Chaves Barcellos.

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Wall Mural mosaic by Lygia Clark

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Lygia Clark , Peace Hug at Favela Morro dos Tabajaras by Clark Art Center

Lygia Clark no Abraço da Paz - Morro dos Tabajaras from Clark Art Center on Vimeo.

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Imposible Animals - Lygiação

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Alice or, what is the use of a mirror anyway ?

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Project Access

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Make Art - Lygia Clark

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Lygia Clark Exhibition, Modern Art Museum of São Paulo

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