"By getting there I wish the touch was on their own bodies, which was performed by the spectators, and I got delighted…"
Lygia Clark


Students from Escola Bandeirantes, in São Paulo, experience Lygia

Everything started when the teacher Gisele Ottoboni worked in MAM-SP on the occasion of the exhibition “Retrospective of Lygia Clark”. At the time, recalls Gisele, she participated in workshops with educators.

"I felt very encouraged by the work and history of this artist, especially for the work and video "Memory of the Body." “Since then I have been developing proposals for reflection on the production of this artist," says the teacher.

Gisele is Professor of Art at the Escola Bandeirantes since 2008. She was hired to create four courses, different content for each elementary grade II, 6th / 7th / 8th and 9th years.

On the site of the Escola Bandeirantes we can see the works done by the students of the 7th year of elementary school II, whose age is between 11 and 12 years. According to the teacher, the course of the classes of 7th year is called "Art and Brazilian Culture," in which she discusses the cultural and artistic production in Brazil, presenting the work and biography of Clark, among other artists, to work with students concepts such as conceptual art, installations, performance.

To learn more about the works of the students from the Escola Bandeirantes about Lygia Clark, go to: