"Here I am under the witness of my work being formulated, and now the witness is not the work but I-work-human person."
Lygia Clark


Lygia Clark Exhibitions at London

Alison Gallery

The great Brazilian artist Lygia Clark turned the gallery into a touchy-freely place, where people could get physical with her work and each other. This show-amazingly her first in the UK since the 1960’s – largely traces Clark’s career development, from concretes works on paper to geometrically abstract collage and finally her famous interactive sculptures. Included here are prototypes from one of her best-known series, Bichos, or Animals, from 1960. Clark likened these hinged aluminum works to dorsal fins, although their folding planes also call to mind origami creatures. Like a paper game, they’re made to be handled and rearranged, inviting gallery-goers to get stuck in. ss
Skye Sherwin
11- sep 2010
The Guardian


Hayward Gallery

Lygia Clark’s belief in art as interaction was the basis of all her sculptural work. She explained that ‘the key to my research is the participation of the public; the breaking of the barrier separating the spectator from the work, and from its “creator”’, and her art aimed to rediscover the sensual and instinctive sides of life. Her installations and ‘sensorial objects’ induce a heightened awareness of our bodies and our physical surroundings.