"My spot has always been my differentiation. That’s why I called my works and 1959 “Bichos” (Creatures), since they were pointed by the young boys who used to say: “Bicho”!"
Lygia Clark



Clark Art Center Opens Friday 29th April
Rua Teresa Guimarăes 35, Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The inauguration of the Clark Art Center not only celebrates access to Lygia Clarks archives to the public for the first time, but also the opening of a tailor-made, three-storey building dedicated to a fluid programme of contemporary art and dynamic design events and monthly reenactments of Clarks proposals, including those that have hitherto not been realised.
The Clark Art Center aims to build on Lygias legacy, operating as an energetic, accessible laboratory of arts, design and inter-sensory collaboration and experimentation in Rios Botafogo district.

For more information about the Clark Art Center and its forthcoming events visit www.clarkartcenter.com.br

Alison Jacques Gallery will also present a solo exhibition of Lygia Clark at Art 42 Basel, 15 - 19 June 2011.