"I have been feeling so miserable/anguished. I wake up very traumatized encroached by the unconsciousness."
Lygia Clark


Canibalism - Proposal of Lygia Clark at Clark Art Center

 As you know, at the Clark Art Center is allowed to dare ... and experience! So, get ready: Were kicking off the event scheduling of our area with many surprises. The next day June 4 (Saturday), it happens the first edition of the series of meetings dedicated to experiences, propositions and readings of unpublished texts by Lygia Clark, with the experience of the work "Cannibalism" proposition created by the artist in 1973 during the period in which she taught at the Sorbonne, France. In the experience, a participant wearing a jumpsuit covered with fabric and opened in the belly, lies Finally, an opportunity unmissable!

To effectively participate in Canibalism, you must make a prior appointment through the website http://www.clarkartcenter.com.br/ because we are closing the group with a maximum of 30 people. But the rest of the public is very welcome to attend, after the experience of the work will read text and chat with artists and curators intimate of this phase of the work of Lygia Clark. We promise: will be really cool!

Note: Lygia events occur once a month, always on Saturdays, and we will expect all of you.
down and it is surrounded by others (all with their eyes closed). Those "eat" the participant lying through the crevice of the suit, where the artist placed the fruits to be bitten.