"The nose recognizing the smell, the hands searching and finding the object, the dialogue between I and You in the loneliness of the proposed monologue."
Lygia Clark


"Livro -Obra" Free Application for Ipad

This app, conceptualized by the Associação Cultural "O Mundo de Lygia Clark" in partnership with Itau Cultural, and 32Bits Criações Digitais, recreates Lygia Clark’s “Livro-Obra”, published in 1983, through a rich interface that reinterprets its manipulable structures, textures and finishings.

The “Livro-Obra” follows the artist’s trajectory since its first creations to the final neoconcrete phase. It is an elaboration on cut-through, moveable, foldable and twisted planes that depends on a counterpart: the reader and the required interaction with the work.

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