"By getting there I wish the touch was on their own bodies, which was performed by the spectators, and I got delighted…"
Lygia Clark


Lygia Clark in Communities (social project)

Project developed by the partnership of the Cultural Association "The World of Lygia Clark" and The Clark Art Center.

Social project that will take free art classes for five poor communities of Rio de Janeiro during 2013, benefiting 500 children.

Monday we kickoff!

Our first stop is the Vila Cruzeiro, in the Human Development Center Social Attitude. Art workshops will be 4 per day with an hour and a half. Each class will have an average of 25 children. Total: 100 children! Until the day 01.25.2013, Friday, 30 hours of classes have been taught. And many works of art have been created.
In the intervals of the art workshops, throughout the week, children will gain lunches.
Mondays theme is the world of creation of Lygia Clark. Why is she considered a great artist? What is art? Everyone can be an artist?
Classes on Monday and panels includes reproductions of some famous paintings of Lygia, as "Modulated Surfaces" and "Discovery of Organic Line".
Will be used replicas of works by Lygia, for children to have direct contact with, and interact with Clarks work.
We thank everyone who participated in this project by contributing directly or indirectly.
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