"I have realized that my motivation here is only to sell works to carry out other works. Concerning being famous and rich, I have no other true desire."
Lygia Clark


SPFW Summer 2014: Lygia Clark inspires Rachel Davidowicz for the new collection of UMA

reproduction of the report:
By Camila Novaes in collaboration for the FFW

Raquel Davidowicz took with her summer collection 2013/14 to UMA, the work of Lygia Clark to the catwalks of the SPFW. In the scenario, part of the installation "The House is the Body", while replicas of sculptures from the series "Bichos" adorned the models heads. Rachel told FFW always admired that very work of Lygia neoconcretist and aesthetics, and has a creative approach to contemporary art. When visiting a retrospective on the artists work, (exposed last year at Itaś Cultural) Raquel had the idea to make the collection came into contact with the Cultural Association "The World of Lygia Clark" (http://www.lygiaclark . org.br) and, after a thorough analysis, the partnership took place on the grounds of mutual interest.
The idea of replicas of itself belongs to Lygia Clark, who would like the sculptures from the series "Bicho" were reproduced and sold at affordable price. The Association put the plan into action and performed the pieces so that all the money raised from the sale is intended to underprivileged communities of Rio de Janeiro. Rachel thought the styling of the collection based on the use of objects in the head. The result, seen today in the parade are 500 pieces that will be on sale in stores of UMA, continuing a partnership that enchanted Alessandra Clark, Lygia granddaughter.
Alessandra came as a representative of the Association Cultural and watch the fashion show, after the presentation of the collection, the FFW talked to her about her impressions, fashion, art and of course, her grandmother. Heres what Alessandra, radiating joy, said:

What do you think of Lygia have turned inspiration for fashion?

I thought was beautiful, she has inspired dance, theater, studies in psychoanalysis and now get to the fashion world, a world that is so close to art, after all this time, I found beautiful, especially with the return it had.

What did you think of the show? Were you pleased with the outcome of the partnership?

I was delighted with the show, Im still in the realm of charm and reverence for what I saw, because they were able to translate the poetry of neoconcrete of Lygia deftly. The whole time I could identify characteristics of her work translated into outfits.

What was the relationship of the facility used in the scenario with the proposal?

That piece is part of the installation "The House is the Body," which represents the entire process of human pregnancy, from ovulation to birth, and thats the uterous. We find it very appropriate for this project is a new thing that is growing, coming.

What is your relationship with fashion?

Im mega consumer. Its my first time in fshion show and also the first time that the Association closed a partnership with a company in this industry. My grandmother also loved clothes, was very vain, going to the salon every day, her hair was always mounted, clean.

In your opinion, what is the feature that is lacking today Lygia in Brazilian art?

I think art is an evolutionary process. In my opinion, part of her work t has not yet been understood. When she died in 1988, and a part was recognized, today is being worked by scholars, but still has a piece of her work that was not recognized as art. Therefore, I feel it is as if she had not died and the world was still chasing to assimilate and absorb everything she did.


Photo : ©Sergio Caddah/Ag. Fotosite