"The nose recognizing the smell, the hands searching and finding the object, the dialogue between I and You in the loneliness of the proposed monologue."
Lygia Clark


"Walking Lygia Clark, in search of his own path"

"Travelling exhibition with works by Lygia Clark traverse Portuguese cities

Between May and June 2013, an exhibition mounted on a box truck, fully adapted for this purpose, will cover part of Portuguese territory, carrying replicas of works by Lygia Clark, one of the most important Brazilian artists.
The exhibition entitled "Walking Lygia Clark, in search of his own path", which is part of the official program of the Year of Brazil in Portugal and Portugal in Brazil, promises even transcend the limits of that truck and spread its surroundings. The truck will be exposed sensory objects and relational, and outside, spread by their surroundings, they will be the works of major proportions, and a screen for viewing videos on the artist.
The work of Lygia Clark, which is based on perception, revealing layers of meaning and experience with the object, will feature displays, properly trained and qualified to accompany visitors during the course of the exhibition, in order to guide them the manipulation of objects and facilitate such communicative interaction between the individual and the art that the artist proposes.
The circulation of their works by Portuguese territory is the realization of a dream of the artist herself:
"What I would do is the following: take the Bichos to Portugal and do, from there to where I can reach, exhibits in public squares. (...) It would be a way to prove that this is an art "truly participant" in the highest sense (...) Buy a trailer that would be called Walking and make a sort of tour of gypsies. How Id love to! It would be the greatest adventure of my life. "

- 02/03 MAY - Santarém
- 04/05 MAY - Óbidos
- 12/14 MAY - Porto (Serralves)
- 17/19 MAY - Coimbra
- 30 MAY - Braga

- 01/02 JUN - Barcelos
- 08/09 JUN - Lisbon (LX Factoring)
- 14/17 JUN - Lisbon (Praça da Figueira)
- 21/23 JUN - Cascais
- JUN 28 - Faro
- 29/30 JUN - Lagos

(The cities still may change).

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