"“Caminhando” (Walking), the authorship of the artwork is over. "
Lygia Clark


Lygia Clark, in search of her own path - Santarém , Portugal

Lygia Clark
Jardim da Liberdade in Santarém, Portugal

Lygia Clark - 1963

"What I would do is the following: take the Bichos to Portugal and from there go to where I can reach, exhibits in public squares. Anas thesis that the public (people) is underestimated in its real receptivity to the art is valid and evidently felt for me too.

It would be a way to prove that this is an art "truly participant" in the highest sense. Would make photographs of each site would take several exhibitions and walking them to participate in search of his own path. Buy a trailer that would be called "Walking" and make a sort of tour of gypsies. How I love "would be the greatest adventure of my life. I have to organize it. To this I would have to take someone who speaks several languages​​, he had physical strength and could help me drive the car.

My initial plans for the Bichos not included nor Museums "Marchants". What I wanted was to make lots of them put up for sale on street corners by camels. Mario Pedrosa said to be a suicide but well Im sorry because I think that was what I should have done it. Perhaps this plan now, this trip is a kind of renewed my position because my desire is that everyone can dialogue with the Bichos. Im sure that the people will like them because it happens here the same thing as the Portuguese who came here to buy the machine Tinker. Asking me what I was doing with this machine, I showed the Bicho without saying anything. He looked and picking up with the hands turning him from all sides said - Thats interesting, there is no averse ... "