"”Bicho” (Creature), a living organism. "
Lygia Clark


Lygia Clarks FANTASTIC ARCHITECTURE at Art Basel 2013 - Monumental Scale.

Lygia Clark’s internationally renowned career followed a fascinating, radical trajectory: from abstract geometric collages of card, through participatory sculptures to immersive, experiential works, from the 1950s to the 80s. During the early 60s in Brazil, Clark created an archetypal series of Bichos (Creatures), hinged aluminum structures that she encouraged others to manipulate into myriad configurations. In 1963, she made a very particular group of Bicho maquettes called Fantastic Architecture – each conceived to be realized on a monumental scale with the intention of collaborating with structural engineers and fabricators. Production costs proved prohibitively high at the time, but Clark’s strong desire for these architectural constructions to materialize was clear in the structural properties of the maquettes themselves, which are further evidenced in her photographs and writings, all of which remain in her archive. Alison Jacques Gallery has collaborated with the Clark Family and The World of Lygia Clark Cultural Association to actualize the first of these huge sculptures as close to Clark’s intentions as possible, exactly fifty years after she first envisaged them.