"”Bicho” (Creature), a living organism. "
Lygia Clark


UMA® / LYGIA CLARK Spring / Summer 13/14 collection

The whole process happened in contact with the work of Lygia Clark , her willingness to approach the spectator and the intention to create a bond with the life led me to research her history " timeless " and innovative . I believe that this concept was the big thread that made ​​me find Lygia a great source of inspiration . As Clark said : If the person , after making this series of things that I give , if she can live more freely , using the body in a more sensual, express yourself better , love better , eat better , that for me matters much more as a result of the thing itself I propose to you . See The World of Lygia Clark , 1973 film directed by Edward Clark , PLUG Productions

Currently she is recognized worldwide , her work will be at the 55th Venice Biennale , among other exhibitions and galleries around the world . Will be on the catwalk with a replica of " The House is the Body ," an installation created in 1968 , the stage where Clark starts to engage in sensory exploration . This work allows the passage of the people inside , so that they have the feeling of penetration, ovulation , germination and expulsion of the living being.

Already the series " Bichos " (1960/1964) , which are geometric metal constructions that are articulated by hinges and require the co - participation of the spectator , is present in our collection in a digital printing .

In this collection , the silhouette is elongated and minimal tailoring , lightweight and sporty . The look is marked by overlapping , where dresses are worn over pants or skirts , and lines beyond the conventional limits , which brings us to the works " Plans for Modulated Surfaces " and " Modulated Spaces " by Lygia Clark .

Regarding the color palette , we have a combination of muted tones and washed with aqueous citric addition to , white, off white , blue crystal, and carbon black.

Attending Lygias desire, The Clark Art Center and the Culture Association " The World of Lygia Clark " features sculptures of the series "Bichos" in polypropylene , which makes art accessible and reverts back to poor communities in Rio de Janeiro . At the fashion show we present these replicas  as head adornments .

Some fabrics have been specially developed as a twill dubbed with tulle, creating a shading effect , and laser perforated neoprene , which simulates a canvas . Other materials such as triacetate , cotton , printed silk , silk crepe , chiffon and acetate stretch also part of this collection. Among the pieces in the collection are: languid dresses , shirts large and transparent , laser cut skirts , pants and tops that protrude to convey an atmosphere of sporty luxury.

As accessories we have leather sandals and plastic crystal, giving transparency and lightness to looks .

The collection Lygia will be a milestone in the history of UMA , because your attitude embodies above all, an exercise for life.

Raquel Davidowicz