"“Caminhando” (Walking), the authorship of the artwork is over. "
Lygia Clark



POSSIBLE BEAUTY is an extensive project that deals with architecture, art, social development politics, urbanism, citizenship and ecology and intends through an exhibition with works by invited architects, distinctive names of the national and international actuality architecture, show projects of construction of social housing, with compatible cost and the autoconstruction processes practiced here and the national specificities of financing the housing programs in order to establish high quality alternatives contructions for the population and to promote a dialogue with the culture and peoples movements the country of access to housing.
Brazil currently has one of the largest, if not the greatest, the worlds housing program for the poor people called Minha Casa Minha Vida. However, the quality of architecture and urban planning of these impacting residential groupings is, in general, insufficient and primarily follows economic interests, which further aggravates urban deformations resulting from our historical process of development.
This project seeks, in an innovative way, to articulate the responsible actors for this process - public authorities, social organizations, financing banks and users - around ideas and actions that generate new architectural configurations, constructives and urban planning and meet in deeper and broader way, the interests of society as a whole and might serve as basis and example for changing the actual urban panorama in Brazil, marked by major problems of lacking urgent and creative solutions.
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