"”Bicho” (Creature), a living organism. "
Lygia Clark


Lygia Clark at 10th Bienal of Mercosul

Lygia Clark # 10 Mercosul Biennial

A 10th Bienal of Mercosul has an extremely meaningful participation of Lygia Clarks work (Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, 1920 - Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, 1988) in four of the seven exhibitions of this edition of the show.
And four works of the series of her "Bichos" of the 1960s, the Biennial 10 includes highly relevant works such as "Baba Antropofágica" (2012) and "Collective Head" (1975), both displayed at the exhibition "Antropofagia neo-baroque "at the Cultural Santander.
The flagship proposal / work "The Me and You" (1967), one of the most significant period was included in the Body Apparatus exhibition at the Gasometer Factory.
The "Bichos" "Pancubism, Version 01" (1961-1983) and "Bicho" (1960) are in Modernism exhibition at Parallax (Museum of Rio Grande do Sul Art) and even "Bicho" (1960) and "Caranguejo Duplo "(1960) in the exhibition Biography of Urban Life (Rio Grande do Sul Memorial) and Synthesis (Ling Institute), respectively. The Biography of Urban Life at Memorial, still harbors "Lygia Clark in New York" (2014), a production of Clark Artistic Productions and directed by Daniela Thomas.
The inclusion of these works in # 10bienalmercosul (all certified), was made possible by the generosity and involvement of the Cultural Association The World of Lygia Clark (Rio de Janeiro), responsible for the preservation and international dissemination of the artists work.
Courtesy and image publishing permission: Cultural Association The World of Lygia Clark - [All rights reserved].
Photos: Tárlis Schneiderdo 12 Aug. 2014