"From one to two, three or more, but always when something is out from the other, and when it is an extremely intimate communication from pore to pore, hair to hair, sweat to sweat."
Lygia Clark


"Livro -Obra" Free Application for Ipad

This app, conceptualized by Itaú Cultural and by Associação Cultural o Mundo de Lygia Clark, recreates Lygia Clarks "Livro-Obra", published in 1983, through a rich interface that reinterprets its manipulable structures, textures and finishings. The "Livro-Obra" follows the artists trajectory since its first creations to the final neoconcrete phase. It is an elaboration on cut-through, moveable, foldable and twisted planes that depends on a counterpart: the reader and the required interaction with the work. We hope that you, the reader-artist, can trail the same footsteps Lygia trailed by touching, gesturing and interacting with the app, thus revisiting the important discoveries reported on the original work - this time on your own iPad.