"”Bicho” (Creature), a living organism. "
Lygia Clark


Arts Culture and Accessibility / Flavia Corpas

Documentary about the Art Project Culture and Accessibility conducted by the Occupational Therapy course at UFRJ, conducted in partnership with the Ministry of Culture. This is a pilot project whose objective is to invest in the promotion of cultural citizenship of children and adolescents with autism. Configures itself as a cultural and creative potential disciplinary action that aims to explore skills in art, and stimulate socio-cultural coexistence of these subjects. Aims to develop methodologies combined with aesthetic expression dialogical intervention as means of development of socio-cultural inclusion of children and adolescents with autism technologies, the main methodological axis plurissensorial building a room where experiments are performed based on the works and performances artists Lygia Clark, Hélio Oiticica and Metin Sa. Google Tradutor para empresas:Google Toolkit de tradução para appsTradutor de sitesGlobal Market Finder